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Our red Wolves vinyl decals feature a tribal style wolf, either alone or with a pup, howling in the night. The vibrant red color is sure to show off your pack pride, but if you prefer, it is also available in white or black. These larger vinyl decals measure around 9 inches tall and feature a paw print! Perfect for anyone in Arkansas who wants to show off their love of wildlife and passion for environmental conservation.  Red wolves mate for life and have strong families with usually 3 to 6 children.  Red wolves are one of the most endangered dog like animals, and may suffer mistaken identies due to their similiarities to German Shepards and coyotes.  Consider supporting conservation and reintroduction efforts to save these amazing endangered animals.  

Red Wolves Vinyl Decals - single or wolf with pup - Tribal Style with Paw Print

  • Prespaced vinyl decals are cut into shapes.  A piece of sticky masking material (either paper or clear plastic) is applied to the surface of the vinyl for removal from liner and adhearing to your surface.

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