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Working with a circle knitter

Knitting in its various forms has been around for hundreds of years. Using knitting machines comes with an additional set of potential issues. The one I've got is a basic plastic one.

Here are a few things I've learned about how they work and how to improve the functionality. The holes in the front are a tension adjustment. The stitches will be smallest in the closest hole to the knit and loosest towards the user. When the handle is turned, interior gears rotate the interior rings. The plastic housing of the unit keeps the teeth of these gears properly meshed together. Using the knitter on a soft or uneven surface as I am currently doing isn't really smart! The plastic is soft enough that it will allow some flex and sometimes stitches with drop or double up. I'm having to support the unit with my other hand. The feet on this Sentro can hold suction cups to keep it purposely on a hard, level surface for best results. It has settings for tube or panel knitting. So far I've used the tube setting, T, more than the Panel option for making scarves. When using the panel settings it is very important to play attention at the edges of the panels otherwise stitches will be missed or dropped and the whole piece could come undone.

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