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Habitat Name Plates

This has been a fun experience. I have found that my over zealous exhaust set up for the laser pulls too much warm air into the space in the summer for comfort. I picked up a Cricut Maker to play with instead.

We moved my son's hamster into a larger enclosure. It was requested I put the hamster's name in it as well.

I thought a hamster in a sports car was cute and fitting for a ham with such a name. I made one also for my piebald python.

This was apparently snake like enough for a cat. When he noticed it, a few cat punches got payed to it before he was apparently satisfied it wasn't going to move.

I have trouble remembering when everyone last ate. I started a spreadsheet, but so I didn't forget anything before I could add it I made these.

They are cut from dry erase vinyl. Now I can check if the adult or juvenile pastel was the one to eat without fretting.

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