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Affiliate and Discount links

Products and services that provide a benefit to signing up with these links:


Save $20 off an order

How it works

When your friend signs up for Walmart+ with your code and becomes a paid member, you both get $20 off a future order.

I have ADHD and going to the store for groceries can be extremely stressful. I will often forget items that I have looked at on my list and waste loads of time if anything unexpected happens.  Walmart plus covers delivery fees so I can shop from my kitchen and get my groceries delivered. It also now includes a base level Paramount streaming account.


Get your friends (that's you!) the equivalent of $500 USD off a Pro, $250 USD off a Plus, and $125 USD off a Basic.

I have and use a Glowforge Pro laser in my business and home. If you want your own laser, use my link to get a discount and get me credits to buy more materials to make more things!

Sam's Club

Save $20 off an order

Get a $20 eGift card when you sign up using this referral.  This is the bulk store in my area.  If you don't want to pay the convivence up charge on bottled drinks, chips ,batteries, and the like Sam's Club is a great option.  While not all items are cheaper than the grocery store, there are plenty of great deals to be found.   Prepared, or easy fix food, clothing, and home goods like pillows I've also saved a lot of money on.

Mint Mobile

Get $15 in credit by using my referral code

I saved so much money by switching my family's phone plan to mint mobile from AT&T.  If you aren't needing to buy a phone on a payment plan it is so very worth it. We were on a high date plan because some months we would use a lot, usually on vacation or while traveling.  Most of the time we didn't use all the date, but the fees for going over were outrageous.  With mint I can get the 5 gig plan which is usually more than enough, but it is super easy to just add more data if the kids need yet another movie streamed on the road.  Your experience will be dependent on your area, but I have just as much cell service with Mint as I did with AT&T.

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