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Welcome to Celestial Phobia Creations

Surface Design, Printables, Leather Goods, Fine Art and Crafts from an ADHD coffee addict

Every child is an artist. The problem is how to remain an artist once he grows up.

I'm Liz. Thank you for joining me as I learn to embrace fear and share the things I make.

Weaving by Hand

Do All The Things

Sometimes one identifies what they are meant to do by it being the most terrifying thing that won't leave their mind. As such, I welcome you to Celestial Phobia Creations.  Nothing is as satisfying to me as making, and it is a continuing journey intertwining all the important threads into the tapestry of my life. The thing is that I am also interested in all the things.  It is highly possible that if I haven't tried something, that I might have researched it or at least know someone who knows about it.  I hope what bit I'm able to share blesses your life as well.  - Liz

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Arkansas, USA

‪(901) 205-9589‬

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Policies & Information

Average shipping time in the United States is 2 - 5 days.

Orders can be cancelled before products ship.

Items sold on this page are of 4 types:

  1. Handcrafted  - some leather goods & original paintings are in this category.  These are made entirely by hand or with the use of simple tools (e.g., knife, needle, paintbrush.)

  2. Handmade - some leather goods, art prints, jewelry, and home decor items that I make. These are made with the use of better equipment such as lasers, power tools, 3d printers, sewing machines or might include a sourced component (examples of sourced components are earring hooks or filler notebooks).  

  3. I have designed this item, which is manufactured and shipped by a third-party company.  Graphic design and digital art are the fun parts for me!  If I make a digital painting on a computer, this is the best way for me to get a beautiful canvas print of the art to you. Sublimation setups, embroidery and direct to garment printers are not in my current set of equipment.  This way I get to do what I love and then you get awesome shirts like Guinness Piggness.

  4. Digital Only -  image files, pdfs, items that the customer can print, font files, templates, etc.

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